Issa Lopez's Triumphant Return

Episode 213,   Jan 10, 09:00 AM

On the eve of the release of her season of True Detective, longtime Kingcast favorite Issa Lopez (Tigers Are Not Afraid) returns to chat with Wampler and Vespe about the Stephen King influences on her season of True Detective, why she had to be very upfront with nods to Carpenter's The Thing in her season, what miracle workers Jodie Foster and Kali Reis were, embracing sexuality in popular fiction, and even a little bit about her recent read of King's Holly and how it mirrors what she was going after in this upcoming True Detective season.

True Detective Season 4 debuts on HBO and Max January 14th and takes place in a small Alaskan town where weird shit has a habit of going down, especially when the month-long night settles in. The chat about this upcoming season is very light on spoilers, so don't worry about diving in before you start watching the new season.