Dan and Adam Leavy

Season 2, Episode 6,   Jan 12, 09:00 AM

TritonLake, as title sponsors of the Ireland Sevens programme, brings you TritonLake Perform – a podcast series that will explore the intersection of sport and business, and in particular, the necessary ingredients when it comes to creating and maintaining a dynamic high-performance culture. Hosted by TritonLake founder and CEO, Conor Smyth, guests on TritonLake Perform will come from the worlds of sport and business, with particular focus on businesses operating in the countries where HSBC Sevens World Series Events take place - many of which are key markets for TritonLake.

In this episode, Conor sits down with brothers and ex-Irish international rugby players, Dan and Adam Leavy who speak to Conor about their careers as high-performance athletes and retiring at a young age, to now owning their own whiskey company, Ogham Whiskey. The brothers reflect on growing up in a competitive household while also sharing some of their most cherished rugby memories, playing on the field together with St. Michael’s secondary school. 

Adam tells TritonLake Perform about his journey to becoming a core part of the Irish Sevens side and competing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics before retiring in 2021 to focus on his career off the field. Dan shares his rapid rise to the Leinster and Irish rugby squads before suffering a career-ending injury, forcing him to retire in 2022. Both brothers highlighted the importance of having interests and opportunities off the pitch while being professional athletes. 

The brothers and now business partners went on to create their own Whiskey brand, Ogham Whiskey alongside their dad and other business partner. Dan and Adam share the major similarities between high-performance sport and high-performance business and the benefits they have been able to bring from their rugby days to their business days.