Providing care for both ends of the leash

Episode 235,   Jan 10, 10:00 PM

Rand Wachsstock, DVM, has always believed in the power of compassion. The compassion he has for animals is what led him to veterinary medicine and to begin practicing emergency medicine in 1984. Wachsstock has helped countless animals over the years, working hard to help make comprehensive state-of-the-art medical care readily available to all pets.

That compassion has remained his driving force throughout his career as a highly respected veterinarian, as an instructor at Yale University and at his alma mater, the University of Illinois, and perhaps most significantly, now as the Founder of Compassion Animal Project.

In many ways, Compassion Animal Project represents Wachsstock’s life work: helping as many pets as possible. He likes to say that compassion is the perfect combination of empathy and action. Compassion Animal Project will allow him, his team, and all the donors to put their empathy into action by helping keep families together.