The Good The Bad The Dumb - 01/12/2024

Episode 4237,   Jan 12, 05:21 PM

  • Good
    • A #Missouri couple recently celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary...Andrew and Bertha Kowalczyk met in 1942 as students at the University of #NewHampshire, married in 1944 and now at the ages of 103 and 102, respectively. #UNH
    • It's official, #TomCruise, #MilesTeller and others are all in for #TopGun3...announced late last night that the script is being written.
  • Bad
    • It truly is an end of an I'm not talking about #BillBelichick or #NickSaban or #PeteCarroll, but I'm referring to #FruitStripe gum; after 50 years of delighting kids (and adults) for roughly 30-40 seconds before it lost all flavor, manufacturer Ferrara Foods
    • #ForeverNE #RollTide #Seahawks
  • Dumb
    • We talked about it yesterday, how people were leaving flowers and other gifts at Nick Saban's statue in the same fashion as you would leave flowers and gifts to someone who passed away...well, someone has compiled a list of some of the things that have been left and it will eave you with questions: flowers (make sense), crimson red and white pom poms, #CocaCola bottles/cans and #LittleDebbie's #OatmealCreamPies (which I assume there's a story there), but someone left a Get Well Soon balloon, there's also a shiny gold can of #FourLoko, a slice of pizza, a decoy duck, A #Trojan Condom, some cash, a #Target gift card, a bucket of pickles and some empty bottles of wine