How to articulate your value with Josie Gammell

Season 4, Episode 3,   Jan 17, 07:00 AM

Welcome, to another thrilling episode of the Careering Into Motherhood Podcast! Jane speaks with the extraordinary Josie Gammel, a former actress turned communication coach. Get ready as Josie spills the secrets on unleashing your authentic self in the professional arena.

She passionately guides us through the essence of being comfortable in our own skin. The discussion delves into the profound impact of emotional leakage, emphasising how our non-verbal communication speaks volumes. Get ready for an episode that challenges, inspires, and sparks a transformation in your professional communication journey.

Meet Josie, a communications and life coach. Whether its an important presentation, an interview, or you just generally want to come across with more confidence. Josie uses the techniques she learned at acting School to help clients uncover their own unique style. Take the mystery out of great communication and discover more about Josie's approach over on her LinkedIn

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