The Cost of Bad Managers

Episode 15,   Jan 17, 09:31 AM

Bad managers can cripple a business. It can lead to people leaving, a disengaged workforce, and an archaic culture that is unattractive to talent. It has been partly blamed for the UK's current productivity gap, whereas managers who have been given the skills and knowledge required to nurture engagement and boost motivation outperform on all key leadership metrics.

A recent CMI report highlighted the depth of the problem: 1 in 3 people have left work because of a toxic work culture, and half of people who say their boss is ineffective plan to leave in the next year. In addition, 82% of managers say they have had no formal training in being a leader.

In this podcast, we go through the report's findings, identify the key issues, and offer our actionable insights on what can be done to make sure that your organization doesn't succumb to the cost of bad management.

Here is the CMI report - Taking Responsibility: Why UK PLC Needs Better Managers

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