The Life of Chuck with Charles Soule

Episode 214,   Jan 17, 09:00 AM

Charles Soule, the novelist and comic book writer behind all of your favorite Marvel, DC, and Star Wars books, returns to The Kingcast to dissect Stephen King's novella The Life of Chuck, soon to be released as a major motion picture starring Tom Hiddleston and written and directed by Kingcast favorite filmmaker Mike Flanagan.

The trio dive right into the meaty text of The Life of Chuck and pontificate on the upcoming movie version. Be warned, no stone is left unturned, so if you haven't read the story go in knowing this episode is filled to the brim with spoilers.

The chat goes throughout all three acts, and we talk about the apocalypse, breaking linear narrative story structure, and just why The Life of Chuck resonates so much as a piece of fiction.

The Life of Chuck is a novella that was published in the recent story collection If It Bleeds. It's a story told in reverse that begins with the end of every single life in the universe and only gets sadder from there. More heady drama than supernatural spook-a-blast, this material opens the door for some surprisingly deep responses from those who have read it.