Talking One Note Man with George Siougas & Michael Stevenson

Season 4, Episode 1,   Jan 19, 10:00 AM

We kick off 2024 by welcoming writer/director George Siougas and producer Michael Stevenson to the pod. Having built successful careers in television on series from Emmerdale to Casualty and many more, George and Michael have led a talented and supremely dedicated team including actor Jason Watkins (The Crown) and legendary music composer Stephen Warbeck, to create a truly heartwarming short film.

The One Note Man follows a musical man who lives a careful life. Each day is like the next, just how he likes it. One day, however, misfortune and fate collide, breaking his routine and rocking his world forever.

Our resident host, Nigel Morgan explores not only the background of this Oscar and BAFTA shortlisted film, but also the changing landscape of the awards circuit and the emergence of corporate entities into the short film space and the challenges of returning magic to the cinema experience.

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