From Addiction to Purpose | Deeper Than Dough - Clint Riggin

Episode 59,   Jan 22, 02:00 PM

Deeper Than Dough host Bennett Maxwell welcomes Clint Riggin on this episode, where they delve into a transformative journey beyond the pursuit of wealth. Clint, shares his story of overcoming addiction and building a community around unlocking beliefs and holistic well-being. He unveils his vision for Nexus and Limitless, two initiatives dedicated to empowering individuals through self-discovery and connection.

The conversation explores the profound lesson of giving and receiving, highlighting the importance of service and community in finding true purpose. They discuss the benefits of slowing down and checking in, emphasizing the need for mindful awareness in today's fast-paced world. Clint's experience with baptism and its life-altering impact offer a powerful perspective on personal transformation.

They also delve into the nature of "bad trips" and the potential for negative experiences to become catalysts for growth. They explore the life-changing effects of psychedelics, including ketamine's increasing role in mental health treatment. The discussion concludes with exciting collaboration opportunities in San Diego, inviting listeners to join Clint in creating a vibrant space for personal growth and community connection.

For those seeking:

✅ Inspiration to overcome addiction and find purpose
✅ Practical tools for unlocking beliefs and building community
✅ Insights into the power of psychedelics and alternative therapies

Join Bennett and Clint as they embark on a journey deeper than dough, exploring the true meaning of success, personal transformation, and finding purpose in life.

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