Episode 3,   Feb 01, 11:00 AM

Welcome to another enlightening episode of our podcast, where today we delve into the intricate and often private reasons that bring individuals to therapy and couples to the brink of divorce. Drawing from real-life insights and experiences shared in therapy sessions, we explore the complex tapestry of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and the impact of the pandemic on psychological well-being. We also discuss the various, sometimes surprising reasons people seek a divorce, shedding light on the struggles that often remain hidden behind closed doors. Our conversation is peppered with personal anecdotes, including the comforting rituals that help us navigate these tough topics, like enjoying a delightful Puerto Rican drink, 'Coco Chico', to ease into these deep discussions. Whether you're seeking understanding, guidance, or simply a sense of connection, this episode offers a rare glimpse into the therapist's office and the human heart.