Stop Dreaming it and Start Doing it with Lauren Leopold

Season 4, Episode 4,   Jan 24, 07:00 AM

Welcome back! In todays episode Jane sits down with Lauren Leopold to unravel her inspiring journey from the confines of corporate burnout to the freedom of entrepreneurial success. Lauren candidly shares her 15-year stint in corporate marketing, navigating the initial allure and then the persistent question of purpose. The episode explores pivotal moments, from a transformative self-love workshop to a career coach revealing the clash between her personality and the highly regulated corporate environment. Join us as Lauren shares her insights on breaking free from her corporate cage and pursuing a life aligned with her true self.

Meet Lauren. She supports women like you to make the jump from corporate office to entrepreneurial life. After a personal journey of burnout and a career shift, Lauren discovered her passion for coaching. She has since empowered over 40 female entrepreneurs in various fields to start and grow their own business.

If you want to live life on your terms, running a business that lights you up everyday you can learn more about how Lauren can help you start your side business and sign your first paying clients WITHOUT social media.  To build your business and leave the corporate grind behind visit her Careering into Motherhood profile page on our website: Lauren Leopold's Profile

And, if you're a Coach interested in joining the Careering into Motherhood partnership programme, find out more here  Become a Partner Coach - Careering into Motherhood. where you'll also find details of all of our Coaching Partners and a library full of coaching tools to help working mums find fulfillment.