[Stacie McBride-Cox - IDtv’s The 1990s: The Deadliest Decade] Every Bit of Strength & Light

Episode 54,   Jan 26, 08:00 AM

Content warning: domestic violence, capital punishment, abduction, rape, and murder.

Stacie McBride-Cox is a mother, sister, educator, and former lawyer. Her faith and fortitude were deeply tested in 1995, after the abduction and murder of her beloved sister, Tracie. Since then, The McBride family’s efforts for awareness have been seen on Good Morning America, Inside Edition, The 1990’s: The Deadliest Decade, and more.  Stacie’s poise, power, & perspective amidst all that came next for her family is truly unrivaled, and a testament to the role model she had in her big sister, Tracie. The Broken Cycle Media team is extremely grateful that Stacie was willing to share her nearly thirty-year journey of heartache and healing with us today. 

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