Missing in Guatemala | Nancy Ng

Jan 25, 05:00 AM

In this episode of the True Crune Society Podcast, we discuss the disappearance of Nancy Ng. Accident or foul play?

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  • (23:00) Nancy Ng
Californian woman Nancy Ng loved traveling to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.  She attended a yoga retreat there in 2022 and planned another one for October 2023.  Her sister Nicky said “She was saying it’s so beautiful.  Last year, she woke up every morning just to spend some time there by herself without the group and this year was going to be more exciting because they had planned activities on the lake.”

When Nancy arrived in Guatemala, she sent a text to her family before putting her phone into airplane mode.  “I’ll be safe, don’t worry about me,”

Nancy and the other retreat attendees went kayaking on Lake Atitlan on October 19.  Nancy was seen smiling and waving in footage from that morning.  What happened next is unclear, as there was only one other person kayaking with Nancy.  That person is an attorney from California, named Christina Blazek.  Christina said that Nancy wanted to swim in the lake and she jumped out of her kayak, despite warnings about the rough conditions from Christina.  Nancy apparently disappeared under the water and did not resurface.

Christina made it to shore and a search started for Nancy.  When Guatemalan authorities went to interview the retreat attendees the day after Nancy vanished, they were all said to have left the country.

In this episode of the True Crune Society Podcast, we discuss the disappearance of Nancy Ng.    Accident or foul play?

As of January 2024, Nancy remains missing.

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