Natalie Simpson and Nabil Elouahabi Interviewed, Tip Top 5 Best Picture Winners, Reviews and more!

Episode 30,   Jan 25, 04:30 PM

This week we test everybody's Trigger Point and take it down to the wire by choosing to cut red or blue, as Jon Brown & Paul Marsh present an episode of your (hopefully) favourite film Podcast, we promise, whatever you choose, we won't Hold it Over you and be Mean Girls.

This weeks Podcast contains our full (spoiler free) reviews of 'The Holdovers', 'Mean Girls' & more and we catch up with ITV's 'Trigger Point' actors Natalie Simpson and Nabil Elouahabi for a chat about the second series of the hit TV show. There's all your usual agenda items including News, Trailer Talk, the latest releases at the Cinema, on Streaming, Digital, 4K, Blu-Ray and DVD releases too.

And, rounding us out we take nearly 100 years of cinema and narrow it down to five films, in which we read out YOUR Tip Top 5 Best Picture Oscar Winners and our own Tip Top 5 as well!

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We've only got thirty seconds, get back and take cover!