Misery with Barnaby Clay

Episode 216,   Jan 31, 09:00 AM

Horror and music video director Barnaby Clay (The Seeding, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) joins Vespe and Wampler to discuss the parallels between his new movie and Stephen King's Misery, which naturally cascades into a deeper conversation about fan's ownership over art, the addiction themes of the book, and how Rob Reiner assembled a perfect cast for the adaptation.

The Seeding is out now on digital and can also be seen in a limited theatrical release.

Misery follows a popular writer who is rescued by a fan after a terrible car accident only to find himself in an even worse position: captured by an unbalanced lady who has a lot of notes about his recent work. Rob Reiner directed his second perfect Stephen King adaptation with 1990's Misery and lead star Kathy Bates to an Oscar win, the first and only Oscar won for any King adaptation.