The Truth is How You See It: A Conversation with Chris Hare

Season 3, Episode 12,   Feb 01, 07:18 PM

Several years ago, during the first season of Vanished, I met a historian and researcher out of the UK that immediately caught my interest. Tonight, you’ll see why. We’ve got a very kindred  fascination and love for the Earhart story, and some of the behind the scenes work he’s been quietly doing is the exact representation of what historical research should look like. 

Chris Hare is a digger. And tonight, we’re all about to get a lesson on how a modern day researcher investigates a monster of a case. Here’s a little tease. It begins, like all things with, how you see it. 

Tonight, we’re across the pond in the UK. And we’re bringing the bombshells. This is Chris Hare.