Driving Societal Change, Insights with Anti-Dread Climate Podcast's Caleigh Wells. How to create a TIPPING POINT!

Episode 141,   Feb 05, 05:20 PM

Matt Matern talks with Caleigh Wells, a KCRW reporter covering climate, environment, and public health, about her show, "The Anti-Dread Climate Podcast." They explore the podcast's focus on addressing climate change without inducing fear and dread for Gen Z and Gen Xers, discussing personal choices' impact on climate change, including the decision to have children. Caleigh emphasizes how she finds hope in humanity's adaptability to create SOLUTIONS to address the climate crisis.

Caleigh mentions practical actions, such as local climate initiatives, addressing plastic pollution, and engaging with political leaders. Matt & Caleigh conclude with a focus on inspiring behavioral changes, normalizing climate-friendly actions, and the significance of small steps for the planet and mental well-being.