Breastfeeding & women's bodies with Lydia Emmanuel-Desir

Season 4, Episode 6,   Feb 07, 07:00 AM

Welcome back to the Careering into Motherhood podcast In this compelling episode we delve into the transformative journey of motherhood with Lydia Emmanuel Desir, a dedicated feeding consultant. Lydia shares her personal triumph over breastfeeding challenges and discusses her mission to empower women pre and post-birth. The conversation unveils the societal pressures and stigmas surrounding feeding choices, emphasising the need for informed decisions. From the challenges of early breastfeeding to the importance of ongoing support, Lydia's insights shine a light on the often-overlooked aspects of motherhood.

Meet Lydia a Breastfeeding consultant who ensures all women have access to correct and accessible feeding information and support. Her goal is to support new mothers and contribute to a positive postnatal experience. If you want to gain valuable perspectives, discover resources, and be inspired by Lydia's commitment to nurturing confident and informed mothers. Contact her today by visiting her website:

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