Episode 349 - The Ultimate Houston Date Night Draft

Feb 06, 12:00 PM

You know what your special someone deserves from you for Valentine's Day this year? You to listen to this episode of What's Eric Eating because then you'll be fully prepared to plan the best possible date night. That's right, it's the Ultimate Houston Date Night Draft on today's edition of the podcast. Join Eric Sandler, Felice Sloan, Rafael Nasr, Justin Yu, Mary Clarkson, and Evelyn Garcia as they select their ultimate date night.

Here's what the teams will be drafting: a cold appetizer, a hot appetizer, an entree, a dessert, after dinner drinks, and a wild card. All of which must come from a Houston-area bar/restaurant. The wildcard can be anything in Houston that would be a fun stop on a date. For example, the Waugh Bridge Bat Colony, Turrell Exhibit, Menil Lawn, or a sixth bar/restaurant.

The Draft Rules
Rule 1: All six selections must be from different restaurants and bars. For instance, if a participant selects Bludorn for cold appetizers, the participant may not select Bludorn for desserts.
Rule 2: Once a restaurant has been selected for a specific category/course, no other participant may select it for that category, but it is still eligible for other categories. For instance, if someone takes Bludorn for cold appetizers, Bludorn is still eligible for entrees, desserts, etc. 
Rule 3: Snake draft format. The draft order will go one through six in round 1 then go backwards six through one in round 2. 
Rule 4: Categories may be selected in any order.  

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