Cujo with Sam Haft

Episode 217,   Feb 07, 09:00 AM

This isn't your typical Cujo conversation this week as we welcome the very talented writer, performer, and singer Sam Haft (Hazbin Hotel, The Living Tombstone) onto the show. He doesn't just come ready to get silly while talking about Cujo, he also created a whole-ass original song for this episode called "Bat Blood," sung from Cujo's point of view after he eats the face off of the Cambers's neighbor.

You get a full, original Cujo song as well as a lively and highly entertaining chat about growing up being afraid of horror, a deep dive into Stephen King's process and what makes him so unique as a popular author, and what would a Cujo remake starring a house cat look like.

Cujo has become synonymous with big, scary dog, thanks to King's iconic novel and its popular 1983 film adaptation starring Dee Wallace. A mother and son get stuck in a crappy Ford Pinto and are tormented by a rabid St. Bernard. Will they escape or become a quick meal for the crazed animal?