Midweek Takeaway with Professor Richard Conroy, Chairman of Conroy Gold and Charles Archer, long-term FTSE/AIM investor and freelance financial analyst (AIM:CGNR) #CGNR

Season 7, Episode 12,   Feb 08, 01:20 PM

Phil Carroll is joined by joined by Professor Conroy and Kevin McNulty of Conroy Gold and Charles Archer, investor and freelance journalist.

Charles recently put out an article on his website investing strategy titled: The Conroy Gold Edit 


The article discusses the two categories of gold stocks on the FTSE AIM index: popular companies with significant market caps and proven finds like Greatland Gold and Amaroq Minerals, and microcaps with potential for high rewards. Charles highlighted Conroy Gold as a promising microcap with advanced joint ventures and drilling achievements. The piece emphasises the importance of due diligence before investing in AIM or mining shares and presents a detailed analysis of Conroy Gold's prospects, including its historical performance, the impact of macroeconomic factors, and its positioning for potential growth. 

Charles conducts a great interview and fields some questions to both Professor Conroy and Kevin McNulty, Geologist at Conroy Gold.

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