Dr Sam Orange on physical activity after breast cancer

Season 5, Episode 4,   Mar 01, 09:00 AM

Dr Sam Orange talks about his Breast Cancer Now-funded research project, and how to return to physical activity after breast cancer treatment.

Dr Sam Orange is a researcher at Newcastle University, working on a Breast Cancer Now-funded research project aiming to improve women's access to physical activity support after breast cancer treatment.

In this episode, Laura talks to Sam about his research project, how exercise helps with fatigue, and tips on how to be physically active. Sam also shares his own experience of getting back into physical activity after medical treatment.

You can follow updates on Sam's project on Breast Cancer Now's website

Keep up with Sam's work on Newcastle University's website or follow him on Twitter/X @SamOrange01

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Key Topics:
0:00 Introduction
0:24 Laura introduces Dr Sam Orange
1:25 How can healthy living help after a breast cancer diagnosis?
5:29 Fatigue and physical activity
10:52 How does exercise help us feel less tired?
13:12 The difference between tiredness and fatigue
14:44 How funding works for research projects
17:29 Outlining this research project
23:59 Sam shares his reasons for being a researcher
29:57 Dealing mentally with changes in physical activity
34:49 Working with real breast cancer patients in research
39:19 The timescales of this research
40:57 Tips on how to get physically active again
43:52 Strengthening muscles and lifting weights
45:53 Simple exercise that can be done around the home
48:20 Ask what's available at your hospital
50:38 Tips for eating well after breast cancer treatment
52:58 What needs to change in breast cancer?
53:39 Summing up
54:11 Reducing the risk of recurrence