[Mindy Corporon] Healing A Shattered Soul

Episode 56,   Feb 09, 08:03 AM

*Content warning: hate crimes, bigotry, racism, gun violence, child loss, parent loss, and mass murder.

Mindy Corporon is a speaker, author, founder, and CEO from Oklahoma. She attributes her personal and professional success to her loving, tight-knit upbringing. However, everything she knew to be true would be deeply challenged on April 13th, 2014, when her father and son were murdered in a hate crime. Mindy has allowed her faith and her unending fortitude born from her family, to withstand all that came next for them. This includes a legal battle to convict their murderer, the publication of her memoir, Healing a Shattered Soul, the creation of a foundation, and the unending mission to inspire others wading through the throes of grief. The Broken Cycle media team is very grateful Mindy is sharing her journey with us today, as well as for her continued advocacy work. I am also personally grateful for her sisterhood in survivorship, as we are lifelong members of the same sorority.

This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Reat Underwood, Dr. William Lewis Corporon, & Terri LaManno.

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