Sunday Roast featuring Tim Cooper, Mentor and Life Coach & Oliver Friesen CEO of Golden Metal Resources #GMET #POW #HE1 #XTR #JLP #GLR #AFP #KEN #ATN #URAH #FRG #COBR #GGP #FCM

Season 7, Episode 15,   Feb 11, 11:45 AM

Welcome to an enlightening episode of our podcast, where hosts Phil Carroll and Kevin Hornsby sit down with the remarkable Tim Cooper, a mentor and life coach who has dedicated his life to guiding others towards their zenith of success. Tim lives and breathes the philosophy of the 4 Pillars of Success: Self-Awareness, Vision, Habits, and Action. In this special episode, Tim opens the vault to his exclusive Input Vs. Output formula, sharing the very strategies, systems, and tools that he reserves for his VIP coaching clients. Prepare to dive deep into the science of human behavior as Tim explains the reasons behind our actions and how to transform thought patterns and behaviors for the better. This conversation is not just an interview; it's a treasure trove of life hacks and deep insights into personal development. Whether you're seeking to overhaul your life or fine-tune it, Tim's teachings on are your gateway to a transformed existence. Join us for this deep and transformative conversation, right here, right now.

The pair also engage in a fascinating discussion with Oliver Friesen about the groundbreaking Pilot Mountain project. Touted as housing the largest undeveloped tungsten resource in the United States, the project also shines a spotlight on its garnet deposits, adding an unexpected twist to its economic viability. With historical data and exploration indicating that about 40% of the mineralized intervals at Pilot Mountain contain garnet, the implications for the project's economics are potentially groundbreaking. The company is on the brink of appointing a garnet specialist to conduct a detailed analysis and is in the process of finalizing drill permit applications. CEO Oliver Friesen delves into the unforeseen economic benefits of garnet recovery in tandem with tungsten extraction, highlighting how it could significantly reduce processing costs. The conversation extends to the planned further studies aimed at assessing the full impact of garnet on the project's economics, promising a deep dive into the strategic decisions driving the Pilot Mountain project forward.

As usual, there is a weekly round-up of the movers and shakers and a look at the biggest news stories of the past week.

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