Better Lawns and Gardens - Hour 2 Derek Haynes The Chocolate Botanist February 10, 2024

Season 2, Episode 272,   Feb 11, 01:19 AM

Florida’s most popular garden expert, Teresa Watkins answers your gardening questions on Better Lawns and Gardens. Listen every Saturday from 7am - 9am EST on WFLA- Orlando, iHeart radio, and wherever you listen to podcasts.

Better Lawns and Gardens Hour 2 – Coming to you from Summit Responsible Solutions Studios, Garden expert, Teresa Watkins clarifies a garden question front the first hour. In honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, Teresa lists garden flowers and plants that have a chocolate flavor or chocolate color. Teresa invites Derek Haynes, The Chocolate Botanist to chat about his botanical work, his goals of encouraging young black students to beomce scientists, and the language of love using flowers on Valentine’s Day. The Dirty Word of the Day is Dichogamy. Garden questions include: how to find a certified arborist, when and how to prune, the significance of diagonal cutting technique, how to get rid of black mold on a citrus tree, what is causing an avocado sapling to keep losing its leaves, and more. https://bit.ly3c1f5x7

Photo and graphic credit: Teresa Watkins, Derek Haynes 

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