Royal Murders, Scandals, and Secrets: The Prince and the Courtsan: Marguerite Alibert

Season 8, Episode 312,   Feb 13, 12:00 AM

This month, we’re taking a peek at royal families. What secrets and scandals lie behind these noble houses? In this week’s episode, I’ll tell you about an illicit affair an heir to the British throne engaged in with a French courtesan during WWI.  Marguerite Alibert retained evidence of her affair with Prince Edward that she would later use as blackmail when she was on trial for the murder of another prince.  

Marguerite Alibert: Courtesan, Murderess and Blackmailer of a King  - Historic Mysteries, December 2021. 

The murderous mistress of Edward VIII before he met Wallis Simpson - NZ Herald

The Perfect Murder, Royalty Magazine Monthly, Jan 2023

Marguerite Alibert was a Royal Mistress who got away with Murder, Shannon Quinn, History Collection, Nov 16, 2018.

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