If You Could Do It Over, What Would You Choose As A Career?

Season 3, Episode 11,   Feb 11, 03:59 AM

This is the last episode of Season 3 and we're glad to share it with our far traveling guest millennial, Muralee, who traveled all the way from Austria to be on our podcast. Not really, however, he did travel all the way from downstate Michigan while on vacation from his work in Austria. We are honored to have him join our discussion in episode 11 about other career paths each of us might have taken. Life presents each of us with various forks in the road and where we end up depends upon which route we take. 

This episode also reveals one of the longest human names I have ever known. If you know of a longer name please share it at GenXYandI@gmail.com so that we can pass it along to our listeners.