Disability, Accessibility & Women at work with Mary Doyle

Season 4, Episode 7,   Feb 14, 06:00 AM

Welcome to another episode of 'Careering Into Motherhood'! Today, get ready to be captivated by the wonderfully quick-witted Mary Doyle. Mary's journey from aviation enthusiast to sheet geek disability consultant is nothing short of inspiring. Never without her lipstick and always immaculately dressed, Mary brings her lighthearted style to serious topics, challenging norms and advocating for women's and disabled people's rights.

As a lifelong wheelchair user, Mary has pivoted her career to become a coach and disability consultant, working tirelessly to make workplaces more inclusive. With her infectious energy and commitment to equity, Mary pushes against the notion that doing the right thing always requires a business case. She shares her experiences navigating the corporate world and highlights the importance of unlearning biases and embracing diversity. So prepare to be inspired by Mary's unwavering dedication to making the world a better, more equitable place.

Meet Mary (Rocket Girl Coaching), an Executive Coach, Disability Equality Trainer and Accessible Aviation Consultant who passionately advocates for people to rock their difference, whatever it looks like. As a proud wheelchair user, her life and work are dedicated to personal and organisational development to improve inclusion and understanding in society through coaching, disability equality training and consultancy. She was named by the Daily Mail as one of Britain's Most Remarkable Women, in the Shaw Trust Power List and was a part of the Top 100 List of Influential Disabled People in 2018 and 2020.Mary Doyle - Careering into Motherhood

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