Millionaire Explains - Money Habits Keeping You Poor!

Episode 23,   Feb 20, 07:00 PM

Step into a world of financial rejuvenation with this enthralling episode of The Property Investors Podcast, cohosted by the ever-engaging Russell Leeds and Ricci Mandal. Today, they're tapping into a vital topic that resonates with all – the six crippling habits that could be stunting your wealth growth and how to strategically discard them.

In this thought-provoking discussion, Russell and Ricci dissect each habit that many fall prey to, often unknowingly, that keeps them anchored in a cycle of financial stagnation. More importantly, they delve into the transformative practices you should embrace to pave your path to prosperity. Ideal for both property investors and aspiring entrepreneurs, this week's show is brimming with practical advice served in a professional, yet accessible and entertaining manner.

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Hit play on this week's essential episode to embark on your journey of shedding poor habits and sculpting a future abundant with financial success. Your transformation from cautious saver to savvy investor begins now!