How To Nerd S1E7 | Mischief Managed - The Harry Potter Episode w/Khleo Thomas

Episode 7,   Feb 15, 02:00 PM

Join the "How to Nerd" crew—Roxxy Haze, Brennon Edwards, and Khleo Thomas—as they dive deep into the magical world of Harry Potter in episode 7. Get ready for a nerdy journey filled with spells, theories, and a dash of controversy.
- The trio discusses their personal Harry Potter experiences, from Universal Studios adventures to the quality of merchandise.
- A candid conversation about the portrayal of racism in the Harry Potter series and the complex character of Dumbledore.
- The hosts share their Harry Potter house affiliations and debate the significance of lesser-known houses like Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.
- They compare notes on their preferred ways to consume the Harry Potter story, from books vs. movies to games and wikis.
- Insight into the hosts' nerdy endeavors outside of Harry Potter, including Brennon's dive into AI and Roxxy's passion for manga and anime.

Your Guide to all Things Nerdy.

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