iPhone 16 Pro's Rumored Features and Improvements

Episode 88,   Feb 16, 03:39 PM

On this week's episode of The MacRumors Show, we talk through all of the major features and improvements rumored for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 16 Pro models. With the iPhone 16 lineup likely just seven months away and after over a year of rumors, we discuss the tentpole features expected on the upcoming devices, such as a 5x tetraprism telephoto camera, an all-new "Capture" button, a new thermal design, exclusive AI features, and larger displays, as well as denser, larger batteries and faster charging.

For a full breakdown of all of the differences the ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌ and ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌ Max are expected to bring to the table compared to the current models, see our detailed guide. What do you think about how the ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌ is shaping up according to rumors? Let us know in the comments.