Sunday Roast featuring Sean Wade (CEO) and Jack Dann (Geologist) at Power Metal Resources #POW #GMET #FCM #UEE #TEK #SALT #AFP #BZT

Season 7, Episode 16,   Feb 18, 11:45 AM

Welcome to this week's episode of the Sunday Roast, hosted by Phil Carroll and Kevin Hornsby coming to you live from the breathtaking landscapes of Namibia on this fine Sunday, February 18th. Today, we're venturing into the dynamic world of mining and exploration with a special focus on uranium, the powerhouse mineral.

Join us as we welcome Sean Wade, the CEO of Power Metal Resources and Jack Dann (Geologist), to the show. Sean brings with him exciting news from the frontlines of uranium exploration in the heart of Canada's renowned Athabasca Basin. We delve into Power Metal Resources' significant expansion efforts with the acquisition of the Richards Lake Uranium Property, a strategic move that places them amidst the uranium exploration elite.

Sean shares insights into the competitive nature of property acquisitions in the Athabasca Basin, praising his technical team for their adept management of the staking process. With the Richards Lake property expanding Power Metal's holdings by 3,109.26 hectares, their total footprint in the Athabasca Basin now spans an impressive 1,043.40 square kilometers across eighteen properties.

This episode is not just about the numbers; it's a deep dive into the strategic visions, the challenges of exploration, and the potential impacts on the global energy landscape. Whether you're a mining enthusiast, an energy sector professional, or just curious about the world of uranium exploration, this episode has something for you.

So, grab your favorite roast, settle in, and let's explore the atomic power that's shaping our future, with insights straight from the top. 

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