Craft Joy, Lead Better: Unfold Your Perfect Life | Deeper Than Dough - Justin Mink

Episode 63,   Feb 19, 02:00 PM

In this episode of Deeper Than Dough, your host Bennett Maxwell, alongside Certified EOS Implementer Justin Mink, dives beyond the balance sheet and explores the power of intentional living for both personal fulfillment and effective leadership.

They delve into the crucial connection between employee wellbeing and organizational success, highlighting how fostering a culture that prioritizes freedom, joy, and individual purpose can unlock remarkable results.

Through insightful discussions on mindset shifts, observing emotions, and embracing alternative healing approaches, Justin offers practical tools and strategies to help you:

Architect your ideal daily life and transform work into a source of fulfillment.

Remove limiting beliefs and unleash the power of unfolding, allowing your perfect life to organically emerge.

Develop leadership skills that empower and inspire your team, fostering a vibrant work environment where everyone thrives.

Get ready to:

Discover the transformative potential of shifting your perspective on work and life.

Learn powerful techniques for managing thoughts and emotions to create lasting change.

Gain actionable insights on building a thriving team where individual well-being fuels collective success.

Remember, a fulfilling life and impactful leadership go hand-in-hand. Tune in, unlock your potential, and start crafting the life and career you truly desire.

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