Season 2: Episode 1 Alexandra Morrison

Season 1, Episode 5,   Feb 20, 11:00 AM

In our new season of IPEC Presents, we contemplate ethics as it relates to interdisciplinary research. Our first guest this season is Dr. Alexandra Morrison, an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Humanities here at Michigan Tech. 

Alexandra is also the Ethics and Philosophy minor Advisor, overseeing undergraduate students from all across campus. Her main research areas include 20th century Continental Philosophy, especially Phenomenology. She also publishes in Feminist Social and Political Philosophy, and the Philosophy of Technology and STEM Ethics pedagogy and is currently working on several interdisciplinary projects in STEM ethics, as well as a manuscript that makes a phenomenologically based critique of recent approaches to an ethics of AI. 

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Alexandra’s Recent Publications
• L. Marin, A. Morrison, Y. Jalali, C. Voinea. (2024) "Reflective and dialogical approaches in engineering ethics education" The Routledge International Handbook of Engineering Ethics Education, Routledge. Forthcoming.
• Morrison and S. Marratto. (2024) "Values and Objectivity: Phenomenology and the Project of Integrating Science into Democracy" Philosophy and Social Criticism. Forthcoming.
• Morrison, A., Wellstead, A. M., & Dickinson, H. (2023) Reclaiming public service ethics through algorithms: Implications for teaching and development. Teaching Public Administration, Online First Publication March 2023.
• Kate Kirkpatrick’s Becoming Beauvoir: A Life, London, Bloomsbury, 2019, 476 pages, ISBN 9781350168435.

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