Roberto Reveles, 91, on his race for AZ Legislative District 7

Season 2, Episode 76,   Feb 19, 10:54 PM

Roberto Reveles is running for AZ Legislative District 7 against ultra-right Republican Wendy Rogers. A longtime Democratic activist and civil rights leader, Reveles, who is 91, is a former president of the ACLU of Arizona. He was the founding president of Somos America, an immigrants rights coalition that organized a massive march in Phoenix by protestors in support of immigration reform in 2006. Born to Mexican immigrants in Miami, Ariz., Reveles served in the Air Force during the Korean War, and as a staffer for five members of Congress before taking a job in the mining industry. Vanguardia America recently sat with Mr. Reveles for this exclusive interview about his candidacy. Read an extended print version of this interview here. To learn more about his candidacy, visit