February 19, 2024, Real Estate Investors | Happy House Hunters | FUNDING

Season 2, Episode 344,   Feb 20, 02:34 AM

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Adam Messmer

Meet Adam Messmer, senior loan originator extraordinaire at LFG Lending, your ultimate "go-to" professional for funding your next investment deal. With Adam's expertise in DSCR loans, he becomes your indispensable partner in the world of commercial real estate financing. Count on Adam to understand your investment goals inside out, providing tailored financing solutions that align perfectly with your unique needs. By leveraging the power of DSCR loans, Adam ensures that your creditworthiness and property's income potential are taken into account, creating a sustainable and prosperous investment strategy. With transparency, flexibility, and unwavering responsiveness as his hallmarks, Adam Messmer at LFG Lending is the key to unlocking the door to your next successful investment venture. Trust in his guidance and watch your investments flourish like never before.
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  • LFG Lawrence Financial Group
  • 614.595.3457

David Tebben

At Velocity Capital Solutions, we lend hard money to propel real estate investors toward achieving their goals and realizing their dreams.

Our goal is to bring people together by breaking down barriers of race, religion, gender, and nationality. We should be striving to promote a world without borders – one where everyone can pursue their dreams.

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Kathy Binner

It breaks my heart to see 'would-be entrepreneurs 'and 'would-be side-hustlers with amazing skills choose to stay in toxic jobs, with mandatory hours that affect their health. They seem to lack confidence and they seem to have a fear of leaving the security of the corporate world. They struggle with finding the 'time' to create this side hustle that could grow into a full-time gig as a way to be financially independent. It seems they also struggle to find 'the thing' that they feel passionate about.

This was me when I started. Then I created this podcast because I believe the inspiration, the tools, and the tribe should be easier than ever with today's user-friendly technology. Choose to change how you think, how you work, and how you play. You might even choose to change your zip code!

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Kyle Brandon

In addition to my passion for Real Estate, I am equipped with ten years of experience in all facets of Saas (software as a service). Having worked my way up the ranks in a rapidly expanding and evolving company I possess a comprehensive understanding of the complex intricacies needed to succeed in highly competitive tech industries.

I have a tenacious drive for continued education and understanding, particularly in the fields of science and technology. I love the paradoxical nature of knowledge, in that no matter what answer you derive there are always underlying facts and assumptions to be examined.

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