168. Why W2S Is Quitting The Sidemen, How KSI Scammed Me & Chip's Disgusting Habit!

Feb 20, 05:45 PM

The boys have returned from the Desert for a a proper yap fest. The Sidemen took over Netflix with their incredible documentary (which the boys refuse to watch), KSI gets called out by Coffeezilla, we break down why Sydney Sweeney really is the GOAT & Shotta Text Returns for part 3!

And look... You asked, we listened... The Fellas Mysteries is BACK (for one episode only). Cal & Chip discuss the viral Clarke Family cube case. 

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00:00 - Chip isn’t happy
07:00 - Oman trip
09:00 - Coffeezilla Vs KSI
19:30 - Chip’s Plane story
25:30 - BAFTAS
29:00 - Sidemen Documentary 
33:45 - Drive to survive
43:25 - Clarke Family Case
49:00 - Ice Spice hype
50:00 - Sydney Sweeney
55:30 - Zuckerberg & Vision Pro
01:04:15 - Wayne Rooney on Misfits
01:10:45 - Shotta Texts