#66 How Much Money Does Your Business Really Make?

Episode 66,   Feb 22, 06:00 AM

Do you truly know your financial reality? 

I want to talk about how important it is to look beyond mere sales figures but the actual costs and profits! I'm going share my top tips for practical money management and budgeting so that YOU can truly master your finances. 

Listen to hear:
  • The importance of understanding the true profit beyond sales or turnover numbers.
  • Debunking of myths about overnight success and the importance of understanding the costs associated with generating sales.
  • Calculating business costs beyond sales and turnover, and provides examples of various business expenses.
  • Understanding profit margin
  • The need to allocate and redistribute business earnings for future expenses, and the practicality of managing money effectively.
  • The Magic Three: Turnover, Costs, and Profit
  • Empowerment through Financial Clarity
Mentioned in this episode:
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