Midweek Takeaway with Oliver Friesen, CEO & Executive Director of Golden Metal Resources and Charles Archer, long-term FTSE/AIM investor and freelance financial analyst (AIM:GMET) #GMET

Season 7, Episode 17,   Feb 21, 07:30 AM

The Roast team are joined by Oliver Friesen CEO of Golden Metal Resources and Charles Archer financial journalist and investor as they dive deep into the investment potential of Golden Metal Resources, a company with a promising future in the mining industry. As outlined in the article, which Charles wrote titled the Golden Metal Resources edit, the company boasts the largest undeveloped tungsten deposit on US soil, hinting at significant growth opportunities.
The discussion will revolve around the insights provided by the author's 'Edit', a comprehensive summary of the investment case designed to educate investors on the company's potential. With CEO Oliver Friesen at the helm, Golden Metal Resources has shown remarkable progress since its IPO in May 2023, indicating a strong trajectory for future success.
We'll explore the market dynamics surrounding tungsten, a critical input metal in various high-value industries, and draw parallels to similar success stories like Sovereign Metals. From the recent stock performance to the long-term outlook, we'll dissect the key factors driving Golden Metal Resources' potential and the implications for investors.

Investing Strategy: The Golden Metal Resources Edit


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