Curious About Unlocking Your Genius with Lisa Danels (Executive Director, Human Edge)

Season 5, Episode 10,   Feb 21, 03:00 PM

In this podcast episode, Paul Ashcroft, Simon Brown and Garrick Jones speak to Lisa Danels, author of "The Human Edge Advantage" and Executive Director of Human Edge in an insightful episode where we explore leadership mastery. 

Lisa discusses integrating head, heart, and gut in leadership, emphasizing curiosity, self-awareness, and personal power. Discover key ways to navigating burnout, cultivating personal power, and co-creating possibilities. Uncover wisdom from Robert Keegan's stages of adult development and explore the masks people wear under stress, revealing underlying fears. Lisa's also shares insights on hope as a process and creating a leadership framework that offers practical guidance. We also learn more about Lisa's curiosities of AI and longevity. 

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About the Curious Advantage Podcast Series
The Curious Advantage Podcast series, hosted by the authors of The Curious Advantage book – Paul Ashcroft (co-founder & partner, Ludic Group), Simon Brown (CLO, Novartis), and Garrick Jones (co-founder & partner, Ludic Group) – explores how curiosity is a driving force for success in both individual lives and organizations, particularly in our evolving digital landscape. This podcast distills insights from neuroscience, anthropology, history, art and behaviorism to make the concept of curiosity accessible and applicable to everyone.

About The Curious Advantage Book
The Curious Advantage is an exploration of the idea of Curiosity and its increasing importance for thriving in the digital age. Taking the widest possible exploration of things Curious – historical, contemporary, neuro-scientific, anthropological, behavioural, semantic and business-focused. At the heart of the book is our model of Curiosity, called ’Sailing the 7C’s of Curiosity’. This model provides individuals with a practical framework for how to be successfully Curious and use Curiosity as a power skill to unlock their own potential. To find out more visit:

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