Feedback: CEO Dr Tom Oakley on how digital diagnostics can help solve the NHS waiting list crisis

Episode 1813,   Feb 21, 03:52 PM

Dr Tom Oakley, founder and chief executive of digital diagnostics specialist Feedback plc, talks Vox through the company’s latest results, and how a recent Parliamentary report could prove the catalyst for much-needed investment into the NHS’s digital infrastructure.

0:28 Discusses the company’s latest results, and why NHS procurement cycles should see an acceleration of business in H2.
1:48 The significance of the All Party Parliamentary group report on Community Diagnostic Centres for Feedback’s Bleepa and CareLocker solutions.
5:27 Why the NHS could be at a tipping point for investment into digital solutions to reduce waiting lists and improve patient outcomes.
07:59 Discusses the company’s first contract in private healthcare, and how Feedback’s “pathway efficiency” are proving of interest to medical insurers.
10:34 The size of the market opportunity in the NHS and beyond.
11:46 Progress on opening up the opportunity in India, including the appointment of a dedicated country managing director and regulatory approval.
14:09 Opportunities in technology licensing.