Cody Returns

Episode 332,   Feb 22, 01:00 AM

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Cody is…BACK! He shares what life is like with his (real) new baby and his recent betting wins. Plus, a look into Beavo’s dating drama, wtf has been happening with planes and the reason behind noel’s new hair. 

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Hosted by Cody Ko & Noel Miller, Created by TMG Studios, Cody Ko & Noel Miller, and Produced by TMG Studios, Cody Ko & Noel Miller. 

0:00 semi back
0:28 intro
1:34 cody’s real baby
5:49 carrot recap
10:35 liquid death
13:12 hustling from nostalgia
16:08 poddad
17:27 sideshow car knockout
22:51 robinhood
24:04 pantsed by car
25:55 noel’s hair 
29:28 cody’s baby schedule
31:49 beavo saga 
33:57 audible
36:43 beavo vs reality tv
38:30 beavo’s dating drama
41:35 beavo is changing 
44:13 the traitors
46:38 seatgeek
48:36 superbowl ads
51:57 temu temu
54:32 chinese hackers
57:40 dude of the week
59:21 cody’s betting wins
1:01:31 noel's standup happenings
1:06:14 plane news
1:09:12 death by….popcorn lung?
1:14:23 throwing it back (on the bone)