MYSTERY | Villisca Axe Murders & Haunting

Episode 99,   Feb 22, 09:11 PM

1 night, 8 murders. The Villisca Axe Murders are one of the most notorious unsolved cases in American history. In June 1912, all eight people inside the Moore family's house in Villisca, Iowa were murdered by an axe-wielding assailant. The community was in shock, no one had ever heard of anything so heinous. Everyone in the small town became a suspect at one point or another

To this day, the true identity of the killer remains a mystery. The Moore house still stands and the tragic events from that June night clearly left a mark on the home. As it's one of the most haunted spots on America. Join me as we discuss the notorious Villisca Axe Murders & The Haunting of the Moore House

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