News With My Fiancé - Thursday, February 22nd 2024

Season 4, Episode 6,   Feb 22, 10:42 PM
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  • Trumps sneakers
  • (00:04:27) Rose Haven Recap
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  • (00:07:15) PDX Real Pivot
    • (00:43:54) DEI based grant programs fighting for survival against the whites right. 
    • (00:59:50) Stop and frisk and shuffle? I bet you didn’t know NYPD has a dance team?
    • The West Virginia House has decided it’s time to prosecute librarians for the books children may encounter in their libraries

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  • If I Ever Fell Better - Phoenix
  • Roll (Burbank Funk) KAYTRANADA Remix - The Internet, KAYTRANADA
  • Stars - Kindred the Family Soul
  • Feel Good Inc. - The Gorillaz
  • Uno Dos - Teo? ft. Jaden Smith
  • Mary Always - Khruangbin
  • You Can’t Hold Her - Chin Chin
  1. (00:04:13) Good morning!! That little "abroad" pun got me. 🚢We're here for you! 😁
  2. (00:06:03) But, she is abroad..🌻🙃. What the f*** a shoes , I was hopeful you were going to say boots!!! made for walking. barffffA
  3. (00:40:45) Because it's never actually been about kids finding p**n, that's just the scapegoat. If talking about trans folks is explicit to these folks, all thats saying is that they view those with marginalized gender identities as inherently sexual. It's an adult response that kids would have no context to get to in the first place.
  4. (00:43:12) Listen, fiance, if you have any push, say it louder. Now, no way it again!!! t~rump cannot get in!!!
  5. (00:52:20) Ok so I did look at the fuc*k shoes, butt did U see the "bottle" Of Victory47 cologne.. the hell it smells like, I don't want to imagine.
  6. (00:52:51) They're being torn down because they are raising people up specifically black women.
  7. (00:53:06) It sounds like they're scared of not having access to 100% of funding sources. Hmmmmm....I wonder who else might have felt that way?
  8. (00:53:46) As our schools are severely underfunded- for decades now, libraries and librarians now being attacked- it all adds up to an uneducated populace that falls more easily for racist tropes and propaganda.
  9. (00:55:50) Of course this all benefits the 1%
  10. (00:55:55) Pull the f****** car over. I need to puke. I want off this f****** ride. my money back now!!
  11. (01:05:53) Protect and Serve is their West Side Story!!! 
  12. (01:06:03) Agreeing with your depressing assessment that tRump is set to win, with that in mind will the fiancés being dedicating anytime to Claudia and Karina (running as PSL I believe) and Dr Cornell West bids for president?
  13. (01:06:44) POlice need better mental health- quit your jobs
  14. (01:06:51) COP ROCK!!!
  15. MORNING Thrive~ing on thursdays with amazing fiance minus the~ "A"broad....
  16. Gooood Morning Ambush! Rudie Rudo here!
  17. They have a robot downtown
  18. Like 5th and burnside
  19. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 a bot for the bus!! .this is all "pre" civil war shity Shenanigans.. Yes it is and it's mingling with Those electric scooters.!!! Please I wanna push it over!
  20. We so enjoy thrusday moring Fiancé Shenanigans.
  21. Sennabella says she won't with a capital "W" Chew on the t ~rump Shoe.. probably made with some sort of lead product anyway.
  22. In 25 years of teaching the only pornography I ever saw in schools was stuff the kids found on their own or brought from home.
  23. DANCE... the hell. Ancestral way of communication in a community and is one of the oldest linked activity , dance!! What are they trying to improve their community approach, or Worse, trying to share their humanity with the rest of the world. Gross. Don't believe their dances lies. We all know, we tell stories in our dance. Choreographing murders is rude. What story could they tell.
  24. A number of red states are turning down that federal nutrition money. That'll show those Democrats!
  25. WHAT!! NO? food money for the babies sumer, I want my table scraps.!
  26. I'm very excited for Rank Choice Voting (RCV) in the city elections. We will have a voice and be able to vote for our values for the first time. Instead of the lesser of two evils (i.e. Biden vs. Trump) which is a choice between Genocidal Octogenarian vs. Fascist Octogenarian. We need RCV in federal elections to change this.
  27. We hear you holding it down. Ngl I usually am here for MJ😂🫣🫶🏽 love you ambush!
  28. 🌻💚🦄✨️
  29. that part!!!
  30. But can you say yes, it is with intention? We all have so much to do.
  31. On a side note- can't hardly hear the music on IG live, so sticking on X-ray
  32. Wait wait put on the breaks.. Did you say brazilian gijitsu. And they still use firearms. hummmmmmmmmm. Pucking!!!
  33. Princess waving goodbye to this trash.
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