Author, Steve Snyder and 8th Air Force, B 17 Pilot “Lucky” Luckadoo on “Masters of the Air”

Episode 53,   Feb 24, 12:15 AM

Steve Snyder's book "Shot Down" tells the true story of Pilot Howard Snyder and the crew of the B-17 Susan Ruth during World War II. Focused on Lieutenant Howard Snyder, the author's father, the narrative provides a personal perspective on the challenges faced by B-17 pilots. The book explores various aspects of the war, including training, combat operations, and the experiences of those shot down behind enemy lines. It also highlights underground resistance efforts and the bravery of aircrews and civilians who risked their lives to save downed American flyers. 

Through a wealth of primary sources and modern-day detective work, Snyder creates a comprehensive portrayal of the Susan Ruth crew's experiences. The book goes beyond aerial battles to showcase the lives of Belgian civilians who aided American flyers and sheds light on German atrocities. The monument dedicated to the Susan Ruth and its crew in Belgium serves as a tribute to the events chronicled in the book. "Shot Down" is praised for its engaging narrative, supported by photographs and graphics, making it a highly recommended contribution to understanding World War II history and honoring its unsung heroes.