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Season 2, Episode 346,   Feb 26, 06:47 PM

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What We Are About...
Welcome to Connections Over Coffee:
Rise to Your Superhero Potential
Welcome, rockstars of life! Are you ready to embark on a journey of connection, inspiration, and positive change? Join Kathy Binner and co-host Carmella Banks for Connections Over Coffee—a virtual party on Zoom where the vibes are good, the connections are genuine, and the laughter is contagious. Leave the sales pitch and pressure behind; this is your invitation to simply enjoy good company and elevate each other.
RISE: Your Four-Step Journey to Create Impact
Step 1: RECONNECT – Rediscover what makes your heartbeat and your soul sing. Define your superhero identity and the impact you want to make on the world around you.
Step 2: IMPACT – Transform your daily routine into a meaningful celebration of service. Wake up each morning knowing you're not just successful, but actively contributing to positive change.
Step 3: STORIFY – Craft your story into a powerful narrative that inspires others to join the movement. Become a storyteller of positive change, sharing tales that ignite hope and motivation.
Step 4: ELEVATE – Be the rockstar who leads by example, spreading good vibes and inspiration wherever you go. Build a community of changemakers who celebrate and support each other's growth.
Join the Movement:
To dive deeper into the RISE journey, check out the book RISE for invaluable insights and guidance.
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