Airline Tickets. Everyone isn't offered the same price?

Episode 54,   Feb 27, 01:12 AM

Does Dynamic Ticket Pricing used by airlines lead to the passenger sitting next to you having paid a different price for their seat?

Airlines are masters at gathering data. They can harvest your frequent flyer data and track your computer searches via cookies. How often is this data used to ‘tailor’ the price of your ticket?

Can airline’s trawl your LinkedIn account matching a conference you may need to fly to and charge you more for that airline ticket?

Is it common for an airline's app to show a different price than their own website? 

Methods airlines use in maximising revenue or reducing costs. Algorithms that at pre defined time assess whether passenger numbers on a flight aren’t great enough to meet revenue targets so automatically cancel a flight.

What effect will artificial intelligence have on ticket pricing?

Tips & tricks to reduce your exposure to higher ticket prices created through Dynamic Ticket Pricing.

Who provides the best ticket price, availability and choice of cabin class, the travel agent or the airline site or a 3rd party booking site?