EP7 Connecting the Dots - Staying resilient through quakes

Episode 683,   Feb 27, 06:37 AM

This episode of Connecting the Dots deals with STAYING RESILIENT THROUGH QUAKES. We explore what it takes to be resilient as an individual and go on to examine what it takes to create a resilient culture in an organization. Very often, even the notion of resilience is misunderstood. We examine the nuances in what the term means. Is it “bouncing back” to something or using the quake as an opportunity to shape-shift to something else. In the fragile and brittle worlds we live in, being resilient is turning out to be a super-power. Tune into this episode to learn and grow! 

You can find nuggets on resilience from various speakers here - https://www.playtopotential.com/tags/resilience 

00:00:25 - Intro
00:03:04 - Roopa Kudva - Clearing IIMA twice
00:05:58 - Dheeraj Pandey - Early formative years, including retaking JEE
00:08:08 - Atul Kasbekar - Being Tenacious through the Transition
00:22:21 - Deepa Malik - Dealing with the two possible fatalities
00:29:34 - Ramesh Srinivasan - Dealing with Lifequakes
00:34:42 - Bruce Feiler - Make sense of Scars and not Wounds
00:37:57 - Matt Dixon - Need for a grieving period
00:39:55 - Dan Pink - Counter Factual Thinking
00:48:09 - Rich Fernandez - 3 Levels of Resilience
00:56:06 - Carol and David - Waypower over Willpower
01:03:38 - Bruce Feiler - Shape shifting instead of Resilience
01:08:12 - Amy Edmondson - Rituals that drive Psychological Safety
01:12:28 - Suresh Narayanan - Maggi Crisis and Decoding Resilience
01:19:01 - Dheeraj Pandey - Building an Anti-fragile culture
01:25:41 - Wrapup

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