Should We All be Thinking About Hay Fever a Bit Sooner?

Season 2, Episode 288,   Feb 28, 03:00 PM

With the weather being all over the place at the moment and spring feeling more like summer the latest recommendations are to start medication for hay fever earlier than you might be thinking about.

So for this week’s check in with Glasgow based Pharmacist Elizabeth Roddick it is all about hay fever. 

Elizabeth began by telling RNIB connect Radio’s Toby Davey why some people are recommending that medications for hay fever to be taken earlier this year.

Elizabeth then went on to explain what exactly is happening when you have hay fever, what are the treatments and a reminder about the best prevention methods we could all use for hay fever.

There is more about hay fever on the following pages of the NHS website -

To get in touch with Elizabeth you can email or for more information visit -

Image: Picture showing Elizabeth standing in her pharmacy, dressed in her white pharmacist coat and a colourful bandana around her neck, she's smiling. Warmly at the camera with her hands slightly raised.