#417: The Digital Deep State & Killware Economy | Whitney Webb

Mar 03, 05:00 AM

As the world descends into madness, we come to learn of a new term called “Killware” which is described as cyber attacks designed to cause harm to communities. Hospitals, banks, police stations, water treatment facilities, and other infrastructure providers are targeted by groups, almost always with ties to the intelligence community.

The march towards a digital ID for all human beings is being pushed globally by some powerful people behind the scenes. They plan to connect it to a person’s internet history and social media accounts, and author, Whitney Webb, explains what the plan is and how they intend to implement it.

The importance of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in their plans cannot be overstated, as it will allow them complete control of the money supply and for the removal of privacy. Whitney reminds us that the banks are making their own crypto as well while demonizing everyone else’s.

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